Our aim is to help surgeons improve outcomes in Total Knee Replacements

Our name, Eventum, means “outcome” in Latin, as patient outcomes are at the heart of our culture, and why our mission is to “deliver accessible innovation designed to improve patient outcomes”. With this as our focus we believe we help healthcare providers to deliver on the triple aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care.

currently, only 80% of patients are satisfied with their knee after Total Knee Replacement.

The solution? We believe that the key to improving success rates is a greater focus on the positioning of the kneecap, which plays a significant role in the overall function of the knee.


patients have Total Knee Arthroplasty globally each year*


of patients are very dissatisfied after Total Knee Arthoplasty**


of patients complain of anterior knee pain***.




is our estimate of the annual cost of treating dissatisfied patients by 2030

* Millennium Research – Large-joint Reconstructive Implants, Med tech 360 US, Europe & Aisa Reports combined 2018/2019
**Heath, E. L., Ackerman, I. N., Cashman, K., Lorimer, M., Graves, S. E., & Harris, I. A. (2021). Patient-reported outcomes after hip and knee arthroplasty : results from a large national registry. Bone & joint open2(6), 422–432.

***Sensi, L., Buzzi, R., Giron, F., De Luca, L., & Aglietti, P. (2011). Patellofemoral function after total knee arthroplasty: gender-related differences. The Journal of arthroplasty, 26(8), 1475–1480.

currently, up to 20% of all patients are dissatisfied with their knee replacement surgery

The solution? We believe that the key to improving success rates is a greater focus on the positioning of the kneecap, which plays a significant role in the overall function of the knee.


patients have total knee surgery globally each year.


of patients are dissatisfied with their outcome.


will see a rise to 3.5m patients having total knee surgery per year.


is what we estimate it could cost annually to treat dissatisfied patients.

The first and only device in the industry to provide intraoperative data in real-time on the patellofemoral joint.

  • Our aim is to help surgeons reduce the number of dissatisfied patients, following on from Total Knee Replacement.
  • Quadsense was designed to provide surgeons with new information to make more informed decisions during surgery.
  • Quadsense is a comparative tool that provides information on the effect of resurfacing the femur and tibia, on the force through the patellofemoral joint.
  • The technology was developed with the support of global KOL Surgeons

our story

Established in September 2020, Eventum is an award-winning Med Tech SME from the picturesque region of Yorkshire, England. Our mission revolves around addressing Orthopaedic problems with innovative solutions. Our team at Eventum is comprised of pragmatic and solution-oriented individuals who are passionate about enhancing patient outcomes. So far, we have achieved significant milestones, securing substantial funding from Mercia, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Angel Investors during both the Seed and Series A rounds. 


Our commitment led us on a relentless journey towards obtaining ISO 13485 Certification and acquiring the UKCA mark for our first patented product, Quadsense, which has gained endorsements from eminent surgeons worldwide. In a remarkable span of just over 18 months, Quadsense evolved from a mere concept to its first clinical use. Presently, we are pushing hard towards its commercial launch in the UK while simultaneously pursuing FDA approval in the United States.

our story

We are a med-tech start up from Yorkshire, England, tackling complex problems with innovative solutions.


We are people like you: practical, solution focussed and driven by a desire too improve patient outcomes. 


We have secured £1.4 million in funding from Mercia, Surgeons and Angel Investors, while our product design has received input from eminent surgeons worldwide.

founders have 50 years experience in orthopaedics

We are a small, friendly team with expertise in Orthopaedic Surgery, Product Development, Global Strategic Marketing, Medical Device Sales, Engineering, Data Analytics, Finance and Start ups.

John Naybour

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Atherton

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Gonzalez

Finance Lead

Mike Cripps

Non-Executive Director

Alan Ashby

Non-Executive Chair

Joey Moore

Document Controller

Annabel Watson

Project Management Officer

Jeremy Whiting

Director of Technical and QARA

Paul Naybour

Founding Technical Consultant

Susie Naybour

Founding Technical Consultant

backed by surgeons and investors

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