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our first product will help surgeons balance the patellofemoral joint (the third space) during knee replacement surgery.

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our innovative device provides real-time intraoperative data, allowing surgeons to make key decisions for better outcomes

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we're quietly starting a med-tech revolution in the heart of Yorkshire.

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our mission is to deliver accessible innovations to improve patient outcomes

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we aim to help surgeons to further improve knee replacement surgery outcomes

Our name, Eventum, means “outcome” in latin, as this is the focus for all products that we create. Our mission is to deliver accessible innovation to improve patient outcomes, therefore helping healthcare providers deliver on the triple aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care.

currently, up to 20% of all patients are dissatisfied with their knee replacement surgery

The solution? We believe that the key to improving success rates is a greater focus on the positioning of the kneecap, which plays a significant role in the overall function of the knee.


patients have total knee surgery globally each year.


of patients are dissatisfied with their outcome.


will see a rise to 3.5m patients having total knee surgery per year


is what we estimate it could cost annually to treat dissatisfied patients.

the future

our device will be the first in the industry to provide real-time measurements in this space

our story

We are a med-tech start up from Yorkshire, England, tackling complex problems with innovative solutions.

We are people like you: practical, solution focussed and driven by a desire too improve patient outcomes. 


We have secured £1.4 million in funding from Mercia, Surgeons and Angel Investors, while our product design has input has received input from eminent surgeons worldwide.

founders have 50 years experience in orthopaedics

We are a small, friendly team with expertise in Orthopaedic Surgery, Product Development, Global Strategic Marketing, Medical Device Sales, Engineering, Data Analytics, Finance and Start ups.

John Naybour


Paul Atherton

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Gonzalez

Finance Lead

Paul Naybour

Founding Technical Consultant

Susie Naybour

Founding Technical Consultant

Mike Cripps

Non-Executive Director

Alan Ashby

Non-Executive Chair

backed by surgeons and investors

Deal news: Advising Eventum Orthopaedics on successful funding - Stevens & Bolton LLP

thank you @stevens_bolton for your support during the process.

A very timely and interesting initiative from our perspective https://t.co/KlCXRgUoeA
The Royal College of Surgeons of England @RCSnews
A single operation can produce up to 250kg of CO2e. That’s why we’re taking action. This #EarthDay we have released our Sustainability in Surgery Strategy, outlining our plan to help #RestoreOurEarth. Because it’s not just our patients who need saving 🌍♻️ https://t.co/rHLnO6YJ3w https://t.co/ul6CdBeRd2

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